New Member Experience

The Zeta Is Forever New Member Experience emphasizes the values of the Fraternity, found in our Creed. The weekly lessons are: Seek Greatness, Seek Understanding, Seek Purpose, Seek Sisterhood and Seek the Noblest.

Prior to the weekly meeting, new members complete an online educational workshop regarding that week’s topic. These online workshops allow for fewer lectures and more discussion and engagement with other new members during meetings, building overall sisterhood and a connection to the Fraternity. The meetings include icebreakers, a review of the online module, interactive activities and a personal reflection.

All first-year Zetas participate in the New Member Experience, CommunityEdu, Initiation and two post-Initiation lessons (Seek Meaning and Seek Commitment) during the same semester as when they join the chapter.

Our New Member Coordinator, Fran Scotto, plans our new member curriculum in accordance with national guidelines! She uses a team of New Member Educators to help her plan out study hours, movie nights, service days, retreats, and new member lessons!

Our chapter has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for hazing. This is also a national policy. If at any time, a new member feels uncomfortable with anything that is going on, they should not hesitate to contact a member of the executive committee or our chapter's advisor. We take any accusation of hazing extremely seriously.

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