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Zeta Tau Alpha worked countless hours in preparation for the 2019 Sing season with our act "Livin' La Vida Mocha!" Our wonderful Sing chairs were hard at work on our choreography, vocals, backdrop, costumes, and theme for months and we are so glad to have had the experience! "Livin' La Vida Mocha" shows the day in the life of a barista! We are SO thankful for the opportunity to continue on to Pigskin Revue this Fall during Homecoming! We were also awarded the People's Choice Award of Best Vocals and the Baylor Lariat's People's Choice Award! We are so thankful to our amazing Sing chairs--Mindy Flanagin, Caroline Talley, Kelsey Ward, Emma Stratmoen, Rayne Apodaca, and Lauren Hills--our chapter, and everyone who worked on this amazing act! Congratulations to all those who are also making it to Pigskin, and we are so amazed at the work the other contestants put in!

All-University Sing is a long-standing tradition at Baylor University. In 1953, the first productions were put on and, for the past 64 years, different on-campus student organizations have competed. Each production is a 7-minute, broadway style performance in which organizations compete in order to move on to Pigskin Revue which is performed during Homecoming. Zeta first entered the competition two years after its colonization and made Pigskin only two years after that, in 1981! This year, 17 organizations competed with one another for the coveted trip to Pigskin.


Past Sing Acts

Year Theme Awards
1979 You've Come a Long Way Lady  
1980 On the Sunny Side of the Street  
1981 Roarin' Happy Times Pigskin
1982 Rockin' Down the Highway  
1983 Streetlife Serenade Pigskin, 6th
1984 Tears of a Happy Face  
1985 Go Into Your Dance Pigskin
1986 Route 66 ("the zenith of Sing 1986") Pigskin, 2nd
1987 Pages Out of Time feat. Dewey and the Decibels (Paired with Alpha Tau Omega fraternity) Pigskin, 1st
1988 Back to Paradise  
1989 The Company B Boogie (USO) Pigskin
1990  Dance Time in Texas  
1991 Animal House (Noah's Ark)  
1992 Great Balls fo Fire  
1993 Nightmare on the High Seas  
1994 Through the Looking Glass (Alice in Wonderland)  
1996 America's Flying Sweetheart (Amelia Earhart)  
1997 The Power of a Dream (paired with Zeta Phi Beta sorority) Pigskin
1998 Showboat  
1999 Titanic, Ship of Dreams Pigskin
2000 Grand Hotel Pigskin
2001 Rosie the Riveter  
2002 Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend  
2003 Betty's Beauty Shoppe  
2004 American Bandstand  
2005 Crime of the Century  
2006 Arabian Nights  
2007 Sunshine Day!  
2008 Rockin' Down the Highway  
2009 Fly Me to the Moon  
2010 P.S. I Love You  
2011 Keep On Rollin'  
2012 Gypsy  
2013 Old Familiar Places (a woman reminisces about her life, including her time at Baylor) Pigskin & Theme Development
2014 Rescue Me (a girl tries to find a pet: parrot, hamster or dog?)  
2015 The City That Never Sleeps (paired with FIJI fraternity) (a couple moves to the Big Apple)  
2016 We Have Awoken (overthrowing a futuristic dystopian government) Pigskin & Best Vocals
2017 Do You Hear the Bells? (Bridesmaids accompany a bride throughout the process of planning her wedding) Best Vocals
2018 Desktop Daydreams (Schoolgirls overthrow their evil headmistress, but it turns out to all be a dream) Best Vocals
2019 Livin' La Vida Mocha (A day in the life of a Barista) Best Vocals & Pigskin



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