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What is a sorority?

A sorority commonly refers to a social club comprised of solely females which was initially paired with a fraternity. In the case of Zeta Tau Alpha, we are a fraternity. This is because we were founded as a separate entity from any all men's fraternity as a sisterhood. A sorority is a group of women who adhere themselves to the same standards and high-achieving goals. We strengthen one another through philanthropy and social events and in every aspect of our lives. A sorority serves to empower women to be strong and independent.

What is deferred recruitment?

Deferred recruitment is when a school decides recruitment will be held in the Spring, or the second semester, rather than in the Fall, or the first semester.

Why should I join a sorority?

The answer to this question is different for everyone. For some, it is the philanthropy, some the intramurals, and some the social events. But, the end result is the same for most everyone. You come for different reasons, but you stay for the sisterhood. These are the girls who have your back no matter what. 250+ girls who will always be there for you, even if you aren't the closest within chapter. Yes, it's a resume builder. Yes, we do great, great things for our philanthropy. Yes, we have fun. But none of this matters without the bond of sisterhood at the core of our organization, something that is for life.

Why ZTA?

That's tough because there isn't just one answer. Each sorority has its own particular personality, and every girl has her place. Most ZTAs would answer that they chose Zeta because the girls are fun. And not just fun, but funny, passionate, exuberant, wild, quirky, punny, a little weird (but, y'know, the good weird), smart, chill, real, loving, understanding, sometimes late, faithful, and positive. There isn't just one thing that made anyone go Zeta. But, when you know, you know. You know?

What is the minimum GPA required for recruitment?

While Panhellenic sets its own requirement for GPA, our chapter prefers girls who place an emphasis on academics. Therefore, we require that a freshman have a minimum GPA of 3.0 in order to receive a bid from our chapter. For sophomores and juniors, the minimum GPA requirement is 2.75, due to the increase in difficulty of higher level coursework.

What are SUB Dinners?

SUB Dinners are held in the SUB Bowl, outside of the SUB. They provide bi-weekly opportunities for potential new members to mingle with the women of different Panhellenic sororities on campus. 

Do I need a recommendation letter?

A recommendation letter is not required for a bid in ZTA. However, an MIS form is. These can be completed online through the Sisters Only section of, and will require a log in.

How do I get a recommendation letter/MIS form?

While some chapters allow active members to write recommendation letters/fill out MIS forms, ZTA does not. A great place to look is with your hometown's Panhellenic organization or individual alumnae chapters. If your hometown doesn't have a Panhellenic group, then networking is the best way to go about getting recommendation letters. Teachers, family friends, relatives, etc. are all great places to look for recommendations. If you are a legacy, start by asking your mother, sister, aunt or grandmother if they know of anyone in their chapter who would be willing to write a letter. If they are a ZTA, they should be able to submit a letter of recommendation via the national website at

I'm a nursing major...can I still participate in recruitment?

Of course! We have several nursing majors within our chapter. Unfortunately, you will only be at our main Baylor campus for two years. However, you will remain an active member of our chapter for your two years in nursing school without jeopardizing your alumnae status. You are also free to visit us back in Waco at any time!

I have a bunch of friends in a sorority, but they won't like any of my social media posts and they don't ever post pictures with me. Do they actually like me? 

Yes! What's not to like? The Panhellenic recruitment at Baylor restrict social media interaction between sorority women and potential new members. This allows the potential new members a fair and fun recruitment process.

I don't consider myself a typical "sorority girl," I don't even own Nike shorts or big t-shirts!

Sorority women come in all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and personalities. Each chapter has its own personality, and each Panhellenic woman also has her own personality. Some dress in large t-shirts and leggings or Nike shorts, and some dress up for class each day. Style and attitudes run the gamut in each of the eight Panhellenic sororities on campus and not being a "typical sorority girl" is actually fairly common.

Isn't your philanthropy Susan G. Komen?

No. While we have worked in the survivors' tent with Susan G. Komen's Race for the Cure in the past, we are no longer affiliated with them on a national level. Our three national partners are the NFL, Bright Pink and the American Cancer Society. Our actual philanthropy is 'breast cancer education and awareness.' This is made possible via the Zeta Tau Alpha Foundation. This foundation provides means and services to our national partners across the nation as well as any local affiliations.

I don't want to buy my friends. Are the relationships even real?

Very, very real. Sisterhood is probably the most important aspect of any sorority. Without sisterhood, none of our fantastic events could happen and we would never be able to raise the same amount of money with the same amount of fervor for our philanthropy! There are several organizations that require dues paid as well, including club sports and many social organizations. A sorority is no different. We pay our dues, make friends individually and do activities! 

Dues are expensive. What do I do?

We have many of our girls who pay their own dues. They do this by working hard, applying for Greek life scholarships (yes, they exist!), and maintaining good budgeting skills. Dues also fluctuate based on how many t-shirts, etc. a member chooses to purchase. While some t-shirts are required, we attempt to make sure that these are not expensive because that wouldn't be fair.

Can I be a student-athlete and a sorority woman?

Of course! We have had several members of our chapter be members of the Baylor Spirit Teams, Baylor Athletics and Baylor Club Athletics. While this requires extra time management, the girls are able to fully enjoy both experiences. Be sure to speak with your coach or sponsor prior to recruitment and meet with your New Member Coordinator within the first week to discuss your scheduling.

I'm an upperclassman. Should I give up on recruitment?

Of course not! While most groups tend to take fewer sophomores and juniors, we base who we take on their personality and their fit with chapter. Be sure to attend SUB Dinners, Late Night and any other Panhellenic-event in order to get to know the women in each group.

What is a Gamma Chi? Is that a small sorority?

No. A Gamma Chi is a guide to recruitment. She is a Panhellenic woman who disaffiliated for one full semester in order to guide you and your friends through the recruitment process without bias.Your Gamma Chi group is the group you will begin recruitment with. Your Gamma Chi will be able to answer any questions about recruitment.

Why do you sometimes write Zeta without the 'e'?

ZTA are the Greek letters Zeta, Tau, and Alpha. This is the official name of our women's fraternity. "Zeta" is the nickname of our social club. We usually abbreviate Zeta Tau Alpha to ZTA or call it by its nickname due to the ease of it. 

If I'm a legacy for another sorority, does that mean I can't be a different sorority?

Of course not! While your mother, sister, aunt or other female relative would be ecstatic for you to follow in her footsteps, that by no means limits you from a different club. Every chapter is different at every school and can even change in personality over time. Go wherever you feel most comfortable.

Is hazing real?

Unfortunately, yes. However, there is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for it within our chapter and with Zeta Tau Alpha nationally. Under no circumstances should a new member ever feel anything but love from initiated members. 

What is "dirty rushing?"

"Dirty rushing" refers to the practice of sorority women making the recruitment process unfair or informal. A delineated list of these can be found on Baylor's Panhellenic website. However, if you ever feel uncomfortable, regardless of whether or not it is technical "dirty rushing," ask your Gamma Chi.

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