Financial Information

Membership in all sororities comes with associated costs. All ZTA collegians pay national and local dues and fee each semester of membership. Zeta Tau Alpha adheres to our national financial policies regarding financial management. ZTA uses Billhighway for all membership billing. Members receive invoice notices via email on the first of each month.

All dues and semester fees are billed and due in three equal installments the first three months of each semester. Miscellaneous billing for t-shirts, tickets, registrations and other miscellaneous items are billed each month the charge was incurred and are optional to the members in most cases. Members who need extended payment arrangements have the opportunity to discuss these options with chapter leadership upon joining the chapter.

Dues for new members are around $1000 for the first semester due to initial fees as a new member of our organization. After the first semester, dues go down to $800. These dues go towards all of the fun and amazing opportunities that Zeta provides including our social events like formals, Bar B Cupid, water and tailgate crush, sisterhood events, academic workshops, and so much more!

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